FX Trading


Forex Mean Reversion

Forex Mean ReversionClick Image To Visit SiteMany traders, even those with experience use systems based on at least one of the Top five indicators which fall into one of two categories; "Leading" or Lagging:

"Leading" indicators are inappropriately named because none of them lead with any form of reliability. If this was not true then all traders would simply Buy an Oversold market and Sell it when it was Overbought, and vice versa. Systems based on "Leading" indicators do not work for one simple reason – None of them lead with any form of reliability.


Simple Forex Tester

Simple Forex TesterClick Image To Visit SiteWith so many benefits to trading Forex and all of the huge money making opportunities that come from it, why is it that hardly anybody knows about Forex? Let alone can trade it profitably every day?  There is a very simple reason…

That’s right. Chances are, if you are reading this, you will not make one red cent in Forex trading.  You will venture from “guru” to “guru”, buying systems, strategies, and knowledge left and right.  You will spend countless hours in forums and burn up hundreds of different demo accounts before you finally realize that you can NOT do this. It simply is not for you, and you should just accept that you are going to continue waking up to your day job for some time to come.